Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Day at the Bank

I went to the bank during my lunch break to make a deposit to Garfield's account, hoping to make short work of it.

The queue looked promising enough; there were five people in line, and three people in front of the counter. Not a bad number of customers. I took my place in the line, thinking of other things I can maybe do after my trasaction.

Ten minutes went by, and the same three people are still in front of the counter! This is getting suspicious. I craned my neck to see what they were doing, and it galled me to see that each of the three persons in front of the counter had at least ten items to transact with the teller! They've even spread the transaction slips on the counter for the tellers to sort out.

Precious minutes went by, and the same three people are still on the counter. Our queue of six doubled, and then tripled, and still, they're on the counter. My quiet excursion to the bank became a noisy one, as the customers in line grudgingly waited their turn.

At last, the three people completed their transaction, and the line started to move. I was in front of the counter for like two minutes; my total stay at the bank, 45 minutes. I've no more chance to do any other activity, for I'm needed back at the office. It was past 2 when I got back. I acted like nothing was amiss, and proceded with my after-lunch rituals.

I have nothing against people doing multiple transactions with the banks, and I have nothing against the tellers. In fairness to them, the tellers at that bank work briskly, unlike some other teller at some other bank I have the misfortune of transacting with. I just wish that they implement an "express" line where customers with sigle transactions can queue up, and not get caught up in the middle of limbo, watching the backs of corporate lackeys doing their stuff. Or maybe, the ones with multiple transactions should be the one having their special lane, so they wouldn't eat the precious minutes of those regular customers with just one or two transactions to deal with.

Whatever. I just needed to air that out.

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