Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Never-ending Workday

I woke up 6am, and started my morning rituals. I've too much to do, and I need to get to the office as quickly as possible. I logged in at 7.45 call time at the office is 9am. Good thing I bought some cereal-type drink over at the drug store, I needed a quick breakfast. I haven't been eating breakfast at the house for so long, the habit just died away. Besides, I usually turn up late whenever I eat breakfast at home. Too much to talk about...

First order of business: open my emails. I need the store's daily log to update our daily log. Failure to do so would entail copious amounts of email I don't have time to answer.

I'm at full work-mode by 8.30, downloading the data I need, and saving it on excel worksheets. There are 105 worksheets in all, which I separated into 4 files, the better to deal with it. I already have a headache by 10am, and by 10.30 the ache is in full swing, I need to ingest liters upon liters of water in the hope that it would go away.

By 11, I succumbed to the pain, and visited the HR for some pills I could pop. They gave me some capsule, which was rather weak. Pain won over medicine.

Lunch break @ 1pm did nothing to ease the pain; it was too hot outside, and I had to go to the bank. 3pm and I still ache. A friend suggested caffeine, I joked whether she meant cocaine. It rather helped, the coffee. Some of the pain was eased, and I was able to work quickly, until 9.30pm. Afterward, I just quit, too tired to go on further, and waited for 10pm to complete my overtime session.

Had a quick dinner and went to sleep.

I awoke at 3am after an uneasy dream about work. The one I was doing hours before, which I failed to finish. Even after logging off for the night, my brain is still on work-mode, trying to analyze the job I left pending.

I've had similar experiences before, and it did not bode well. I've always tried to keep my job away from my personal life, choosing to render overtime than to bring it home. Besides, I've never been able to accomplish work at the house, ever. I'm just prone to leaving it there, and forgetting to return it to the office.

When waking life is all about work, and your dreams are still about work, how now, do you rest?

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