Monday, August 4, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

8:00 AM - I wake up to a heavy downpoar and a heavier heart. I don't know... The rains just have that effect on me. An unspeakable stupor descended on me; I decided to sleep than confront it.

10:00 AM - I wake up once again. I am late for work. I don't care. I'm feeling sluggish, but I no longer have the alibi of rain. The sky has cleared and a cold, healthy wind blows deliciously. Sun is shining on a beautiful day. I'm unaffected.

11:00 AM - I can no longer delay my going to the office. Monthend reporting is hard work during the best of times, no use aggavating the burden by letting my work pile up on me. I need to shower. Someone's messed with my things and I am missing my disposable razor. Going to work with 3 day's growth of facial hair is unacceptable. I use my back up blade, my labaha and managed to cut myself in three different locations. Good job.

12:00 NN - Eating lunch alone at a fastfood. My chicken nuggets taste like cardboard; good thing there's barbeque flavored dip to mask the taste. I need to get to the office now...

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