Saturday, September 20, 2014

Green. Timeline.

In a rare burst of motivation, I decided to wrap my books. While taking inventory of the many tomes I've accumulated over the years, I happened upon those two.

Wrapped tight in the plastic bag it came with upon purchase; hidden at the bottom of the pile; memories were unlocked, much like the knots that held the pair fast.

I knew you as the roommate from Las Dias del EspaƱa. You were welcoming and always jolly, and partnered. There were quite a few happy and drunken nights then, your graduating year.

Las Dias ended and we lost contact, until you messaged and asked how I was. You said you wanted to drink, and I was willing to endulge. And there, where we decided to meet, I bought those two books while I was waiting.

We shared a bottle of cheap liquor that night, talking about your new job and few other sundries. And when the bottle was emptied, laid for a couple of hours to tide away the dizziness, and then you went home.

Nothing was ever planned. You would call out of the blue and we will drink. We don't talk about it after, and the next we hear from each other would be the next drinking session. And we will share a bottle, a glass, a room; and be done by midnight.

I never found out the reason why you blocked me from social networks.

A couple years passed and the memories laid forgotten. Until now, when I uncovered the books and wiped out the dust that burried it.

Now, it's time to wrap them up.

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