Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shirking Responsibilities: Shang

It's the company sports fest today, but I begged off from joining, even though I have no concrete weekend plans.  Then again, I can use this as excuse, though I haven't really decided on watching.

It's that time of the year once again, when Shangri-la plays host to a bevy of film festivals.

Hello again, long lines and waiting for an hour for (free) tickets.

I used to be one of those eager souls who will queue up for a chance to watch the films.  My weekends were free then, and the lines used to be manageable.  And populated with film enthusiasts, some off whom would cheerfully chat you up and narrate which films they've seen and which are the really good ones in the line up.

But the festivals became too popular, I guess, and the allure of a free movie was hard to resist.  And there are those well-meaning professors who require reaction papers and other writing assignments to their students.  That's why year after year, the people who turn up to watch the free screenings get bigger, younger, and I should say, more stylish.  The old crowd of film enthusiasts are no more, probably turned off by the advent of the new crowd, with their college accents and designer labels and cliques perpetually by their side.

I'm still not sure if I'm watching this roster of films.

But I'm sure I wont be around for the company outing/sports fest.


  1. Back when I was younger, I remember lining up for tickets in Shang for an hour. I'm not that patient any more, haha

    Balitaan mo ko which of these movies are good pag naka-panood ka na. :)

    1. The long lines have doubled, but I beat boredom by bringing a book whenever I get the urge to watch. Maybe I'll try it next weekend, if I get the urge. :-)

  2. I did this once. Japanese keme ata. Don't remember. I was a little turned off by the free movie goers. They obviously weren't there for the culture. I was legitimately stressed out about it until the wonderful advent of torrents. haha

    1. True, the real film enthusiasts are no longer there. Most of those queuing are there for the "free" part, whatever stuff is free. The last time I did the rounds, I saw several people leaving the theater some 10 minutes before the end of the film to fall in line for the next film. Such waste of a free ticket, if you ask me.

      And I know what you mean about the torrents, I have plenty of movies on file to last me a couple of years, but I haven't even made a dent on my viewing list. Thing is, when it's on your files, I feel I can procrastinate more, because I can always view them some other time.

    2. I hear you. I think torrents have spoiled us all. Typical of our generation to store knowledge without accessing it. haha

    3. I need more storage. I've maxed out my terra's capacity, and my lappy's hard drive is also on the red. haha!

      True, we hoard information for the sake of having it, but not necessarily to use it.


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