Friday, June 1, 2012

Addictions: Coffee

I've been off of coffee for the past three months now, and I miss it terribly.  I did it out of a whim, honestly.  And alright, out of health reasons, maybe.  I was having mild acid reflux.  But that may just have been regular office stress and not the coffee's fault.

But anyways, I did stop drinking coffee and found substitutes to it.  For a time, I was guzzling copious amounts of pineapple juice just to curb my body's insistent search for caffeine.  And as if in retaliation for its lack of addiction fix, my body decided to shower me with hunger pangs.  An almost constant barrage of the case of the munchies.  I am always hungry; never mind that I've just eaten a major meal, two hours hence and I'm already hungry.

Thus coffee was replaced with fruit juices and a wide array of food.  I'm feeling fat.  And still hungry.

I miss coffee.  I miss the taste, I miss the smell, I miss the high.  But my self-control is strong enough that I am still able to cope with its loss.  

There are times though that I wonder how a hot americano would taste and feel like, the way you hold it with both hands, savoring its enticing warmth, drowning in the earthy, intoxicating smell.  Ever so slowly, you reach for it and tease your lips with it, just a little at first, tasting the hotness of it, mouth aching with the sudden gush of saliva from aroused glands.  

You grow bolder with each try, taking in more and more of it, enjoying the scorching in your lips, your tongue until finally you plunge full on, eyes closed and ecstatic as the hotness spreads to your whole mouth, your throat.  And you go for it again and again and again some more, until all of it is spent to the very last dregs.

Then you stare at the bottom of your coffee cup, wanting more but holding back, knowing too well that too much of a good thing is bad.

But I'm still holding back from my coffee intake, and that hot raspberry americano will just have to wait some more.

And yes, I know that the one pictured above is a cup of Peppermint Mocha.  It was Christmastime, and I was aiming for stickers.  haha!


  1. I have ulcer and have been told by my doctor to steer clear of caffeine. I tried to, but I can't. I don't think I can live without coffee, hehe

    1. @ Visual Velocity: I don't think I have ulcers yet, but I don't want to risk it. But still, the coffee's siren call is oh too enticing, sometimes I'm not sure if I can resist it anymore. :-)

  2. i love having coffee early in the morning after night shifts but it just gave me gastritis and acid after that, i avoided a pure cup of coffee till now.

    yun frappalatte lang ang natotolerate ko sa ngayon. and no coke or pepsi for me kundi automatic na acid reflux resulta nun sa kin haha!

    yun lagi kang feeling na nagugutom kahit kakakain mo lang?...nararanasan ko yan and its because i have gastritis.

    1. @ Mac: So are you saying I probably have gastritis, kaya lagi akong gutom? hahaha!


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