Thursday, July 15, 2010


My lappy is in trouble.  

For the past weeks, I've been unable to log on to the web because my lappy wont allow me.  I have four web browsers on my lappy, but neither of which could connect to the net.  They all tell me that I have no internet connection.

I would have left it as such;  the bill may have been forgotten, so the service provider might have cut our line to remind us to pay them.  Such has happened before, and, though it caused me enough distress before, I refuse to wallow over it some more.

I might have imputed it to the wi-fi router's malfunction as well.  Gremlyn's hubby might have tinkered with the router and may have forgotter to inform the rest of the household of the changes to our access.

I might have accepted that we just didn't have internet access.

Except for that blue icon on my taskbar that tells me that I am connected to the internet.  And the fact that I can use Yahoo messenger on my lappy without any hitch. Which leads me to conclude that my lappy, despite my having two antivirus programs installed, has contracted a virus.

Having accepted that possibility, I asked help from friends on what to do to cure lappy with its sickness.  A friend came to the rescue in the form of an antivirus software and an additional spyware detecctor which I hastily tried to install on my lappy.

I say tried because my lappy wouldn't let me install it.

These new softwares, they always need to connect online before they let you allow to installl their goods onto your computer.  But my problem is just that:  I CAN'T connect to the internet.  So no matter how good those antivirus programs might have been, i simply just can't use it.

How now do I cure my virulent preciousssss and elevate it from its current state as a glorified paperweight?  I can't always steal Matriarch's or Garfield's lappy for my nightly browsing as I feel restricted with my use of it, owing to my paranoia.

I'm open to suggestions.


  1. oooops, you might want to install juset ONE av, since two or more av's causes conflicting resources.

    also, try to remember when the connectivity issues started. did you do/add anything to the computer before the problems happened? try re-installing the browsers again, too.

    just some troubleshooting hints ;)

  2. Try doing a system restore to a previous date. Remember the last time your laptop worked fine, then restore your OS to that date. :)

  3. Buy a new one, stop watching porn. ;p

  4. oh no! parang wala na talagang solution if you need internet access to install it. isn't this what they call a catch-22? or di ko lang naintindihan yung logic prof ko. haha

    if wala naman masyadong importanteng files, maybe you could do a clean reformat? just my two cents.

  5. Oh no! Good luck with your Net connection. I hope everything gets fixed soon.


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