Thursday, March 25, 2010


One hundred. Isang daan. Cento. Un centinaio di. Honderd. Cien.

Finally, I made it to my hundredth post. It isn't much of a feat, considering there are others out there whom I admire that churn out post after wonderful post and thus have reached their hundredth in a mere fraction of the time, but I'm not talking about them now. Today (as in most days) I am talking about me.

I started blogging as a writing exercise. Dealing (eating, breathing, dreaming) with numbers all the time can be hazardous to one's mental well-being, and fearing that whatever headway I have achieved with my prowess in this second language might be lost due to disuse, blogging seemed like the great idea. I'm happy that I followed through with that thought. For a time, the posts became rants as pressures, mostly from work, arose. Having separated my blog from my social network sites, my rants have thankfully been out of reach to those objects of rants who may happen to be at a nearby office desk.

A hundred posts hence, and I'm still not over ranting. It's therapeutic. And fun. But I at least have gone beyond just ranting and complaining, and and have considered blogging about topics that are surely within my alley: myself. The joys of having a personal blog is that you get the reassurance that all your thoughts, no matter how stupid or mundane, will never go unpublished again. You have got to love the internet for that!

One hundred posts complete! So what's next, ShatterShards? What's coming soon?

Like all great writers before me, I'd like to plagiarize a bit. What better way to put pressure on yourself than to write up a bucket list of the hundred things to do before the end of the world, which may or may not happen on December 2012. Although some experts now believe that the end will happen sooner, like May 2010.

Either way, here are the things to look forward to (in no particular order):

Local Travel
1 ) Cagayan de Oro
2 ) Palawan
3 ) Batanes
4 ) Corregidor
5 ) Bohol
6 ) Siargao
7 ) Taal
8 ) Cagayan Valley
9 ) Sagada
10) Camiguin

International Travel
1 ) Japan
2 ) Venice
3 ) Rome
4 ) Greece
5 ) New Orleans
6 ) Ireland
7 ) New Zealand
8 ) Paris
9 ) Germany
10) Spain

New Learnings and Experiences
1 ) Spanish language
2 ) Capoiera
3 ) Sign Language
4 ) Bungee jump
5 ) Learn to drive (again)
6 ) French language
7 ) Basic photography
8 ) Learn how to swim
9 ) Study Arnis
10) Japanese caligraphy

1 ) DSLR Camera
2 ) High end laptop
3 ) Hiking shoes
4 ) Tent and camping gear
5 ) Wi-fi capable phone
6 ) Mp3 player
7 ) Professional-grade kitchen
8 ) 48-inch Plasma or LED TV
9 ) 3-bedroom Condo unit
10) Lake-side weekend home

Personal Care and Improvement
1 ) Get new glasses
2 ) Achieve a 6-pack abs
3 ) Obtain actual biceps
4 ) Run a marathon
5 ) Learn to play the Shogi
6 ) Improve at chess
7 ) Get a Master's Degree
8 ) Receive a Palanca award
9 ) Fix my scoliosis
10) Cure my insomnia

1 ) Read Noli and Fili in the original Spanish
2 ) Read (and understand) Tolstoy
3 ) Read (and enjoy) Ibong Adarna
4 ) Read a Bronte book
5 ) Obtain a signed hardcover copy of Neil Gaiman's American Gods
6 ) Buy the complete Sandman series
7 ) Read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
8 ) Have my copy of Insomnia signed by Stephen King
9 ) Finish my backlog of books (16 books total)
10) Finish wrapping in plastic my book backlog (20+ books)

1 ) Watch all Cinemalaya entries
2 ) Attend the Cannes Film Festival
3 ) Gatecrash my way into the Oscars awards night
4 ) Watch Ploning with mom
5 ) See a film starring Fernando Poe Sr.
6 ) Watch the Cassablanca
7 ) Watch Schindler's List without squirming
8 ) Watch a Kurosawa film
9 ) Watch The Rising Sun
10) See Diabolique in the original French

1 ) Million-peso savings account
2 ) Significant blue-chip stock portfolio
3 ) Time deposit and trust funds enough for me to live off the interest
4 ) Own a restaurant franchise
5 ) Donate a significant amount to charity
6 ) Travel the world on a full budget
7 ) Contribute in paying off the family's debts
8 ) Afford a 90-day ocean cruise
9 ) Finance a country-wide educational outreach program
10) Win the lottery

1 ) Learn to play the guitar
2 ) Write a radio-worthy song
3 ) Attend the Grammy Awards night
4 ) Own my own recording studio
5 ) Join a choir
6 ) Get back my old baritone voice
7 ) Learn to read a music score
8 ) Learn to play the violin
9 ) Attend an international chorale competition
10) Watch a full orchestra

Arts and Culture
1 ) Visit the National Museum
2 ) Visit the Louvre
3 ) Watch a play in Broadway
4 ) Discover a lost Van Gogh
5 ) Own a Hidalgo painting
6 ) Watch (and understand) a French opera
7 ) Watch a Greek tragedy
8 ) Watch the Phantom of the Opera
9 ) Attend an open gallery
10) Watch a London production of La Traviata

I hope to make a significant dent in this list within the next couple of years. Good luck to me.

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  1. Wow. A hundred things to look forward to. I feel a sudden urge to plagiarize. LOL.

    New Zealand would definitely be on my travel list, too. LOTR country. :)

  2. I can give you INSOMNIA but not signed... lol
    Or the latest book Under the Dome if you want (of course not signed)
    I would LOVE to travel as well. I mentioned that i was not fortunate enough to have been given the chance to ride an airplane. how sad. I'd like to travel and explore the Philippines 1st more than anything... you want to plan it with me? HAHAHA.

  3. hang dami! goodluck with this shatts! especially with finding a lost Van Gogh. He's my favorite artist.

    Pangarap ko din pumunta ng Louvre!

  4. @ Victor: Go ahead, plagiarize! Haha! Yep, that's part of the reasons for going to New Zealand, because LOTR filmed there, even though they returned everything back to their original condition to the point that no signs of the Shire can be seen, pupunta pa rin ako. haha!

    @ MT: I have a copy of Insomnia too, which bought at a second hand book shop. Someday, I will have it signed by King. I have only ridden an airplane 4 times in my life: 3 local flights, one of them for work, and 1 flight to Hong Kong during my junior years.

    @ Lucas: Yep, finding that lost Van Gogh would be very tricky indeed. The trip to the Louvre really be awesome, and Langdon is merely part of my reasons for going there. :-)

  5. to the next 100 posts! haha

    at ako din, naiinggit. maybe i should make a list too.

  6. I suck at Spanish. I swear, I spent a number of nights stabbing myself with self loathe for trying too hard to pass my Spanish classes. Que horror!

    Anyways, kungreshemeleyshens sa 100th post mo! Gusto ko na ren magbilang ng post tapos papa digital fireworks ako sa 100th ko. Hahaha.

    BTW ahlav the Erap poster. May ginawa akong ganyan before, panakot sa mga gustong bumoto kay erap. Hindi ata sapat ang mga death threat na sinend ko sa kanila isa isa.

  7. wow congratulations! Bungee jump? --
    I suggest you try skydiving instead!
    : D

  8. @ Citybouy: Yeah, to the next 100! Go ahead, make your list as well. hehe

    @ Vajarl: We didn't have Spanish when I was studying, they took it out of the curriculum. Boo! Mukhang malapit ka na ring maka-100, you're more prolific a writer than myself. Good luck!

    Found that poster at a humor blog. I think he has more, but I didn't have time to check the others. The one I posted though kind of sums it all up nicely, don't you think?

    @ Ahmer: Thanks, Ahmer. I'd try bungee jumping first, I'm not too keen on jumping away from solid ground as it is, so sky diving feels like an overkill at the moment. Nice suggestion, though.

  9. Palipat lipat den kase ako ng blog kaya paulit ulit den ang post count ko. Hahaha. Anyways, I wish our spanish classes were removed from the curriculum. Seriously, I cursed a lot because of that course. Haha.

  10. great list. in your list of local spots, im looking forward to visit siargao and palawan too.

    in your international list, i like new zealand the most.

    new learnings, capoeira! yahoo!

    acquisitions, 3bedroom condo unit

    finances, million peso savings account

  11. So you up for the baguio trip? Ü that was an impromptu decision. I'm thinking you already loved the spontaneity arising from it!


  13. haha! It's all about Langdon! I'm not very much curious about Rome until I read Angels and Demons.. hehe!

  14. Congrats on your 100th post although it took a long time to post the hundredth.

    Anyway, lots of luck on THE List!

  15. hey shards! cheers to your hundredth post! here's to living a perfectly imperfect life!

    you might be wonderin' why the sudden brief conspicuousness over the blogverse. i'm cutting the chase by telling you pointblank that i need to get some pieces of advice - or what you can call "how to battle the mental torture and not flunk the cpa board" tips - from you, having passed the grueling exam yourself.

    hence, these questions:

    1. is it true that most of the actual questions come from the pre-week materials given?

    2. based from my pre-board results (btw, was able to finish decently in the pre-board rankings; upper 1 percent of the total pop; oh, you didn't ask? sorry.), aud. prob. and blt may seem to be my ultimate waterloos. any book authors to recommend?

    3. i'm worried about suffering from the perennial "memory fade" come exam time. some friends tell me it's inevitable albeit the sleepless nights you've spent studying way, way back. any tips on how to combat this?

    4. a month prior to the exam, do you still put a weight on reviewing extensively or do you already switch to light, minimal reading?

    5. is it true that erasing answers will invalidate your test paper, the computer not being able to read it due to multiple lead traces? did you or did you not erase answers as well?

    5. lastly, any tips on how not to panic during the actual board and any other REALLY HELPFUL suggestions for that matter? your cpa friends might have useful two-cents' as well.

    thanks a lot shards!

    in hellish jitters,
    lio loco

    p.s. if i'm not asking too much, would it be okay if you email me your answers. my addy: thanks a lot! your suggestions will really be invaluable!

  16. @ Vajarl: Ilipat mo rin lahat ng post mo, para kumpleto ang bilang. hehe

    @ Dong: No particular order naman, so bahala na kung alin ang mauna. Three times pa lang akong nag-tavel outside of Luzon Island, I should really do something about that now. Under finances, madaling makuha yung iba if I manage to get #10. haha!

    @ M.T: I'm still not ready for Baguio. I'm procrastinating. Haha!

    @ evision: Umm... Thanks for leaving a comment, I guess...

    @ Lucas: Robert Langdon pa rin?! Haha! I guess you also want to travel to Washington now that the 3rd book has been published, right? hehe

    @ Guyrony: Thanks, Guyrony, yeah, good luck talaga sa list.

    @ Lio Loco: Hey Lio, it's been too long! I hope my email got to you on time. :-)

  17. God, I wanna go to Japan too! Good luck with that, though. It's bloody expensive there, I'd be paying off debts till the day I die. :D

    Great list. :)

  18. @ Andy: I really should start thinking of ways to make a dent with my list, especially with the first ten. International travel can really be expensive. Balato mo na lang sa akin after you win the lotto. haha!


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