Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing Hookie

I was everywhere last weekend. Everywhere but the office, that is.

When wanderlust kicks in, you really have no choice but to comply.


Mandarin Oriental, Gateway

Belini's, Marikina Shoe Exchange

Future Bar; Marikina Shoe Exchange

The wanderlust didn't end that night, though. It continued on til Sunday:

John & Yoko's, Greenbelt 5

Gelatone, Greenbelt 3

All in all, it was a filling and fulfilling weekend. No doubt, I went over-budget, but a $20,000 dinner, it ain't.


  1. good that i visited your blog at 6:49pm or else it could have made me crave. hehehe...

    over budget?! the danger of eating really good food.

  2. wow naman. food hopping at its finest. kakagutom.

  3. @ Dong: Mahirap nga talagang mag-crave. For someone who likes to eat, I'm always in danger of going over budget.

    @ Lawstude: Yeah, kakagutom talaga. haha!

  4. At sinung kasama mo?! nangiinttriga...

    Nakakagutum naman dito ang catch 'di ko afford ang mga naka display na food. Pangmayaman lang

  5. Naks. Taray! Sarap namn ng trips mo. Sama ko next time. :)

  6. wow ang sarap ng pagkain, teka parang napunta na ako jan... oo tama.

  7. Okay.. I am very envious. If I had the money to I would've left the office in a heartbeat and went foodtripping. Lol. I'm such a corporate slave.

  8. Wow, food galore! Give me some of those! Looks like you went on a 20,000-dollar food binge. Ehehehe.

  9. @ Jepoy: Nung Sabado si ano yung kasama ko, tapos nung Linggo, si ano, pati si kuwan. hehe.

    Sarap ng food ano? Hindi naman gaanong kamahalan, I'm sure kayang kaya ng budget mo. hehe

    @ Accrylique: Sure! Sama ka minsan. Tapos, ilibre mo ako ng food. Bwahahaha!

    @ Livingstain: Yup, masarap nga yung pagkain. Hmmm... alin ang napuntahan mo na?

  10. @ Vajarl: Don't be too envious. I'm sure you can afford it as well, you just have to tweak your budget a bit. hehe.

    I'm a corporate slave as well, and I love food. It's only just now that I get to find time for food-tripping. :-)

    @ Andy: I did binge, alright, but $20,000 it ain't! I've yet to come up with that amount, and I'm a long way from attaining it. That's why I'm expecting your balato once you win the lottery. hehe

  11. hanep ang food trip! ang mukhang mamahalin! hehehe!

  12. @ Lucas: Sarap talagang mag-foodtrip! Hindi naman kamahalang sobra. May kahati naman ako sa pagbayad. hehe

  13. it's mexican night at home tonight. pero ginutom pa rin ako sa mga pagkain dito. hahaha!


  14. grabe ansarap nman,
    khit di ganun kaganda ang pics hehe pero sarap pa din esp the desserts : D

  15. yum yum! hehehe! simpleng hirit ka, shattershards. i like! :D

  16. @ Wait: Oo nga, hindi kagandahan ang VGA camera ng phone ko, lalo na kung gabi.

    At tama ka rin, ang sarap nga ng mga pagkain. Mahilig talaga akong kumain. hehe

  17. @ Deejay: Huh, aling hirit ang sinasabi mo? *innocent mode*

    Ang sarap ng food, ano? ;-)


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