Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of Those Days

I should be working right now. Yesterday, I have already made my plans to render overtime. I have even gone to the point of filing my overtime form, to be signed and authorized at a later date. I even arranged my desk in preparation for continuing work today, or rather, I didn't arrange it last night, so I can go on working today like I merely had a break.

But there comes a time when not even the fear of an impending deadline would rattle me into action.

This is one of those days. I would much rather lie down with a good book or two, while surfing the net and watching anime. (Yes, I multi-task my leisures.)

Right now, I feel like watching a movie, and pigging out, maybe.

But work is far from my agenda.


  1. yeah. nood ka ng movie.

    wag munang isipin ang work. mababalikan yan.


  2. Chillax ka muna! Mahirap ang overworked! Nakakapanget ehehe! ;)

  3. AMP

    Poot nako!!

    2nd BASE na lang tuloy

  4. aw 3rd base may nauna pang isa... tskkk


  5. teka...

    ako naman

    tuwing gabi may
    multitasking session din ako,

    haharap sa laptop
    mag YYM
    magbubukas facebook
    maglalaro maraming applications
    magcoconference sa YM
    kumakain ng dinner
    nakikipagkwentuhan sa kapatid

    ay ang hirap na nga eh!

  6. I can relate to your post. It's been getting harder and harder for me to drag my sorry self to work these past few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to buy myself a lotto ticket. It will be my salvation from bondage. Ehehe.

  7. burnt-out?

    i like the idea of multi-tasking on leisures. i think i need to try that soon.

  8. makita ko lang labs ko...
    im okay : )

  9. @ Poot: Yep, watched a movie earlier. Public Enemies was a good film.

    And yes, I didn't think about work the whole time. It was so liberating. haha!

    @ Homer: True, nakakapangit talaga ang overworked. Mas lalong nakakapangit ang underpaid. hahaha!

    @ Jasonhamster: Better luck next time, hamster. Di bale, makaka-base ka rin dito next time.

    Oo, mahirap nga talaga ang multi-tasking, pero masaya siyang ginagawa. hehe

    @ Andy: It's getting hard for me as well, as evidenced by my constant tardiness at work. I'll remind you as well -- don't forger my balato after you win the lottery! hehe

  10. @ Lawstude: Burnt out. Yeah, seems like it.

    You should really try multi-tasking. Just because you're on leaisure doesn't mean you should turn your brain off. hehe

    @ wait: Good for you that you have that luxury. Unfortunately, for someone who is eternally single, that avenue is closed. hehe

  11. oy shattershards! anong anime pinapanood mo? anime fanatic din ako. hehehe! :P

    one of those days, eh? well, my days are always like that. i'd rather sleep in, surf the net, blog, bloghop, read manga, watch anime... *sighs*

  12. Congratulations Shattershards!! You are one of the Top 10 bloggers in my contest. You will receive a shirt and more!! Let me know your size. Thanks. :)

  13. dumadating talaga tayo sa point na parang pagod na tayo sa trabaho at gusto na nating mag-runaway from work. hehe

  14. I just did the same thing earlier. I was supposed to work from 9am-6pm (and yes, I work on Sundays, I am such a loser) but I went home early because I had to go to some party. I told my superior that I am not feeling well, but I know she knows that I just don't feel like working. I hope I still have my job tomorrow. Haha.

    Why can't we work only when we feel like working? That will be convenient for us. Too convenient, I guess.

  15. @ Deejay: Tumigil muna ako sa Bleach para simulan ang Death Note. Before that, I was reviewing Get Backers, Full Metal Alchemist and Magic Knight Rayearth. Hindi naman ako masyadong fan ng anime. hehe

    @ Mon: Yeah, dumarating nga talaga sa buhay yung point na iyon.

    Ang galing naman, pasok ako sa top 10! Yehey, may t-shirt ako! :-) Salamat, Mon!

    @ Vajarl: Well, it's our leave credits, and we can use it to our liking. Ang sama naman kung hindi nila papayagan ang paggamit ng leave. I've also done that myself, feigning sickness just to get off of work early.

    Working only when we want to... Hmm... siguro, if money is no option, I would go for that. Yung klaseng magta-trabaho ka lang para hindi ka bored. I'd love that. hehe

  16. Mas masarap gumala with friends. Work later. Lol. That was only a j0ke.

  17. I didn't file a leave. I just left the office. I was surprised I even had a job to get back to. Hahaha.

  18. @ Jennifer: Naku, friends... nakakasira ng trabaho iyan! haha!

    True, masarap talagang gumala with friends, although I don't mind going out on my own at times.

    Thanks for visiting, although I'm having trouble connecting to your site.

    @ Vajarl: You informed your immediate superior of your leave, right? That can be construed as filing. But you still have to accomplish the paperworks to have it fully documented. The law protects us from illegal dismissal. hehe


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