Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Spring Cleaning

I opted to stay here in Manila for the duration of the Holy Week, instead of joining my family on their trip down south. Primary reason is still work, but I also wanted to be home alone, something I haven't experienced as of late, seeing that I'm almost never at home anyways.

My mom and my younger sister left Friday afternoon, and woke me up to give last-minute instructions for taking care of the house, which involved feeding our two dogs upstairs and the five cats downstairs. After they left, I celebrated my officially being alone by eating my late lunch accompanied by red wine. I was properly drunk on my third glass. Good wine, that, spicy and full-bodied.

Saturday was spent at the Primo Rivera Spa, where I got to enjoy an amazing sauna session with full amenities, including a web-ready computer, where I had the privelege of being intimate with my favorite invoices from my favorite suppliers. I'm deluding myself, of course, as I spent it at work, under sweltering conditions. The AC units don't operate on holidays.

I planned to get up early this Easter morning and spend it purging the house of the dirt that three day's neglect had accumulated. It has long been my plan to perform spring cleaning on this holiday, Easter, being symbolic of new life and new beginnings. What I hadn't counted on was dreaming on Easter morining, and about Rebel, of all things. I woke up feeling heavy and depressed, and, instead rising up to perform my intended functions for the day, I sulked the time away, not rising on my bed, and just watching the last 20 episodes of Shamman King on my laptop.

It was a good thing that I was near completion of that series before this happened, or else, I might not have risen at all today. As it stood, I started my cleaning rituals by 3pm, way behind my schedule. I didn't do a good job at cleaning, I know. I was lacking in time and the necessary drive to effectively perform said functions, thus my actions were woefully half-hearted and not up to par. I'm tired, and I haven't even started cleaning my room, the last on my list of things to do, and arguably the one that would use up the most time.

I have decided to delay the purging of my room for another day. I am now lacking the necessary physical strength and emotional fortitude to perform said function. Cleaning my room involves openning up lost and forgotten boxes filled with memories and lingering feelings. My current depressive state would not protect me from whatever repercussion openning those boxes might bring.


  1. Was that Pandoras box? Hehe, kidding.

    Parang ganyan din ako minsan, nakaharp muna sa PC or TV bago gumalaw. I hate procrastinating but I always do it. Darn.

    Red wine ba? Ahaha! Penge! Masarap yung vodka sa Strawberry juice and sprite.. ;)

  2. @ Dylan: Oo, maraming Pandora's box dito sa kwarto ko. Mahilig kasi akong magtabi ng kung anu-anong mga bagay, kaya pag maglinis ako, may makikita na lang items from 5 or ten years ago, at pag hindi ka handa, baka masamang ala-ala ang dulot niya.

    Yeah, procrastinator talaga ako, matagal na, lalo na pag depressed.

    Naku, ubos na yung red wine! hehe. Vodka-strawberry? Di ko pa na-try. Ang na-try ko na is Absolut Kurrant with 7-Up. Sarap! ;-)

  3. Ahahaha! Gawain ko din yan dati, kaso ang dami nang masyadong kalat sa bahay. Pabalik-balik lagi kahit inaayos. Sentimental ako dati ngayon nababawasan na. Kaya unti unti nang nawawala mga gamit na yun. ehehe

    Pag depressed naman usually ganun eh.. Never heard of Absolut Kurrant di ko rin masasabing susubukan ko, hehe.. At di ko rin masasabing resigned na ako sa patikim tikim..

  4. i really need to purge my room too. it's a big mess at this point as evidenced by cobwebs already forming in my ceiling. hehe!

    ang dami niyong pets! samin din marami kaya lang katamad alagaan..hehe!

    belated easter!
    yeah...sometimes tayo ang kailangang maghanap ng inspiration that wait for it to come to us...

  5. I'm intrigued with the cake you're showing in your profile.

    Is it available at Red Ribbon (hehe).

    I agree with Lucas. Make an effort to find that piece that will make you whole. :p

  6. @ Dylan: I'm trying to ease up on that na nga e. Nasanay kasi na ultimo resibo, itinatago. I actually have a box of letters and notes from various people, some dating back to high school, di ko lang alam kung nasaan siya sa room ko ngayon. hehe

    @ Lucas: Vaccum ang katapat niyan, para matanggal kaagad ang agiw. hehe.

    Yeah, ang dami na naming pets. Yung pusa kasi, madaling magbuntis, ayun, buntis na nga yata ulit. Mahirap talagang mag-alaga, pero mas mahirap ma-attach sa pets.

    @ Jake: That was my birthday cake, given to me by a couple of friends. My fave, chocolate mousse by Red Ribbon. The dedication "cake or death" refers to Eddie Izzard's stand up commedy skit. hehe

  7. spring cleaning always disturbs the dust of the past, literally and figuratively... e im a non-confrontational senti nut pa naman... guess that would give u an idea how messy my room is, na no? :) budega na sya!!

  8. now you gave me the idea to clean up my room. i was out the whole break. now i have to catch up cleaning and fixing things.

    happy easter!

  9. hala buntis pa yung isa? nako baka mapuno na bahay niyo ng pusa! hehe! we have a cat pero inampon na namin kahit hindi sa amin. haha! we have a lot dogs (not puppies). we have 3 pairs or love birds, a parrot and a pool full of karpas. hehe!

    i promise to clean my room this weekend! hehe! manyana habit working...:P

    oo nga eh...napakaunexpected nga minsan. minsan sabay-sabay silang magmamaterialize cramming your brain cells. ahehehe!

  10. @ Jaime: It's good to move things around every once in a while. It promotes the flow of Qi. hehe. I'm guessing madalas ka ring magtago ng kung anu-anong memento, minsan kahit parang basura, may sentimental value. ;-)

    @ Dong: Nakaka-inggit naman ang mga nakapag-bakasyon during the Lenten break... May long weekend ulit come May 1, you can use that time to clean your room, or maybe go out of town again. hehe

    @ Lucas: Yeah, ang dami na talagang mga pusa. Gusto ko na ngang ipa-capon yung nanay, para hindi na mag-buntis. hehe. Ang dami ninyo namang alaga, parang zoo!

    Ako, hindi pa pwedeng maglinis this weekend, marami pa ring trabaho, tuluy-tuloy ang circus. hehe

  11. hahaha! kawawa naman yung nanay! ihiwalay niyo na lang sa mga lalaking pusa! hehehe!

    tama! parang zoo. sabi ko nga kay nanay bumili na rin siya ng ahas at elepante..hehe!

    ganun ka ka-busy? gudluck na lang sa circus mo...hehe!

    [I guess it's partly my fault for even trying to attempt to finish everything single-handedly, but that is just how I was trained]-nakakarelate ako dito. most of the time i prefer to do things ng mag-isa.

    i can't imagine living a life beating deadlines all the time. but then i guess that's how things work.

    yeah! i really thought matatagalan bago ako makapagsulat ulit. hehe! i love that song. one of my fave from them...

    peace out!


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