Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A little step, one of a thousand
Niggardly avoiding the others of ilk
Traversing this twisting, tilting trek
In hopes of reaching a mountain's goal
Plying forward with weary hearts
Onward, upward, to this vigil's end
Little step, alone in a crowd
One whispered prayer for the soul

08Apr09 1.00am


A friend once invited me to join the annual vigil to Antipolo a few years back. I accepted said offer and we walked our way towards the shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, the Virgin of Antipolo. We started at around 5 in the afternoon, and reached the Shrine before midnight.

I dislike crowds and slow-paced people with a passion, and this annual event is full to the hilt with them. Commuting back, I commented to never again suffer said ordeal.

Funny how easily never gets broken.

I'm planning to walk to Antipolo once again. Alone, this time. Last year was a roller-coaster of emotions, and this year promises to be as interesting, if not more so. Crowded or not, walking affords me the opportunity to think and reflect on most things, and I plan to exploit this walk for all its worth.

I don't pretend to be religious, but still, one can't wish enough for enlightenment on an activity such as this.


  1. it's good. being religious might have gained a bad perspective but it's not being religious that we need not to miss out. but it is God that we shouldn't miss out in our life.

    i miss this church. been there once but that was five years ago.

  2. @ Dong: Maganda nga yung church, pero di ko pa talaga nakikita ng may araw. The two times I've been there was at night, and it was crammed with too many people.


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