Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paper Paper Paper

For the whole day today, I did nothing but move papers from one part of the office to another.

I started with 15 days' worth of invoices to be checked. I used up half the day, and probably half my pen's life span, checking documents. Before I left earlier, another pile, consisting of a week's invoices was put in my in-tray for checking. I've still yet to process those.

The second half of the day was allotted to moving more paper around. I needed to look for files from a checklist and it resulted in photocopying two reams worth of documents. It didn't stop there though, for after checking off my list one by one, I found, to my consternation, that some of the documents i needed weren't in the pile that was turned over to me.

And so, the hunt for missing documents began, first with the monstrous file of papers under my desk, and moving on to the older files in the filing room. I ended up on my hands and knees, sifting through years and years of documentation; some properly sorted, but most in complete disarray.

Finally, on the lowest shelf, at the corner-most nook, there I found the documents I needed. It got me so ecstatic that I was humming hymns over my head (ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find ... alleluia...). I capped the day by filing my documents, and it resulted in two folders two and a half inches thick.

Now all I need to do is draft the letter to accompany those papers.

Wonderful, ain't it? The boring life of a numbers freak, getting exited over boring stuff...

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