Monday, April 21, 2008

The Boring Life of a Numbers Freak

I hate to admit it but I’ve become boring.

I have always liked to think of my self as unpredictable, but now, I concede to the fact that I am leagues away from that notion. I have become the very anti-thesis to unpredictability. I have become procedural and schedule-bound. Gone now is that perceived notion of Chaos in my life and works. Gone also are the dysfunctional elements in my life that make me feel unique. In fact, the only thing that is left unstable is my mind.

I have become predictable. I have become time-bound. I have become boring. Damn, I’ve even become redundant.

I have become… an accountant.

"Accountants are not boring people, they just get excited over boring stuff." I think I’ve written that before… but now, it becomes painfully apparent and hurtfully true in my case. 

Even my blog entries can attest to my being such a bore. I mean, who would ever want to hear of someone else’s boring day job, for crying out loud! And here I am, ranting about it on three consecutive occasions.
I need something to perk me up, to jump start by life. I know it still wouldn’t be exiting and adventure-packed, but at least it shouldn’t be boring.

And redundant.

And annoying.

And most importantly, about work.

published in friendster blog April 21st, 2008

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