Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Parade of a Thousand Amnesiacs Suffering from Bluetooth Virus

One good turn deserves another...

Well, not this time around. I'm here to rant.

It was only the beginning of the year when I bought my mobile; my last having been stolen days before my birthday. Well, anyways, this "new" phone has died. It has contracted some virus and it just failed on me.

The phone now is in the hands of its retailer for the moment, and they're trying to resurrect it from oblivion.

Right now, I'm using a spare. And it really is... spare, that is... in all the different definition and connotation of that word. Spare.

And the happiness doesn't stop there. Before I left that little piece of fecal matter called a nokia at the shop, the tech guy just informed me that all data on the phone will be lost. Irreparably, irretrievably, lost; gone forever. What I am trying to take my sweet time saying is: I have lost ALL contact information. Every bit of name and number I've accumulated over the year is gone.

And I am not happy about it. No one would be.

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