Wednesday, October 18, 2006

on sickness

I am sick. I have been for the past four days. I hate it.

I am weak, I am sore, I am unfocused. And all I can think about is this disease. And such an eyesore, this is, eyes all read and puffy, nose aswell and runny, and my hearing is impaired too!

And such burden! I can't even perform tasks that were so easy, so elementary when I wasn't sick. It seems that everything takes double-time, like I'm in slow-mo, or something.

But what I trully hate about being sick is that it reminds me of my own mortality. We all like to feel immortal and invincible all the time, and being sick is the equivalent of being immersed in the full glow of kryptonite (if you're Superman) or bombarded with high frequency sonic waves (if you're Venom). And nobody likes that!

Forget about the high cost of getting sick, everything is expensive, nowadays. What I'm bitching about is the loss of opportunity! In these span of days that I am sick, I could have done more things that I need done. I could have been to places, or could have enjoyed more! But no! This sickness has impaired me so.

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