Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bottled, pickled, preserved

I am pissed so early in the morning, and I can't think straight. I want to bitch and rant and scream till my eyes pop out. But that would mean degrading myself (and in public, no less), and that would be detrimental to my self-esteem. So I wouldn't do it.

Hello, passive-aggressive behavior. I am your slave.

It's such hard work keeping your anger in check. You feel your temperature rising, steam coming out of every pore of your body, limbs tensing, ears reddening, and you just want to chop somebody's head off...with a blunt instrument...a spoon, maybe.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the ways of the caveman is shunned by the populace. It's just not...civilized. And very messy, indeed. And so, I, like many people before me, have been taught to bottle up my anger, and express it in some other useful art, maybe, or music (cue in Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Eminem). If you can't express your anger through random acts of killing, maybe you can sell them as art, and infect the masses. And make money out of it.

Not that I have anything against said artists, or something, matter of fact, I do on occassion, enjoy their music. It's just that they have found their niche in the world, and I haven't...yet.

But still, I am pissed. I've been trying to write this piece in the hopes of maybe alleviating it, but I think I'm losing that battle. I still want to bitch and rant and make someone's head explode. Having to bottle up anger has never really suited me. It makes me break out in hives. And it ruins my enjoyment of the day. And now, redirecting it doesn't seem to work either.

Maybe, I'd do better with a song, or a poem...or a novel. But my concentration is shot; and i don't have the time...

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