Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emergency. In the case of one at least

I was channel surfing when I happen to come across a show about human accidents with wildlife. A man was pierced by a needlefish in his sternum and was bleeding profusely. He lost a third of his blood but remained conscious up until the doctors drugged him for surgery.

Before we lost consciousness, a nurse asked him if he had anyone he wishes the hospital would call to inform them of his whereabouts. He asked for his mom, then the drugs took effect.

It seemed so easy for him to have decided on whom to call in case of emergency. I tried to ask myself the same question and it took me too long to answer. 

In various "in case of emergency" cards from before, my usual answer was of course my brother. He would have a better capacity to decide, and between him and my sister, I am closer to him... in a matter of speaking. Or at least we have grown past our mutual annoyance of each other.

But now that he's based in another country, I have to rethink my emergency options. And I have come up blank. The obvious answer is there, but an indecisiveness lingers. And I can't fathom where the apprehensiveness stems from. It bothers me.


  1. I've been thinking the same thing. For me, iba yung in-case-of-emergency person ko sa person who'll make decision in case i'll be incapacitated. I need the prior to be available to be contacted anytime and the latter to decide in behalf in the event I could decide for myself.

  2. It had always been my Mama and Papa. But in case they will be gone, I can't think of anyone yet. Maybe my 2nd to the youngest sister.


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