Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Do Lists


This is what occupies most of my waking moments for the past few months.  We've yet to finalize everything, but I am hopeful we'll make it through.  It isn't like we're still in square one after all; we've pushed through a long long way, and for that I am proud of our accomplishments.  

But one more season like this and I'll probably loose my mind.  And I almost have, for a spell.  I've gone through anxiety attacks the likes of which I have not suffered before, and all because of my work.  

When it comes to that, I make lists.  Somehow, the act of committing into paper the number of tasks you need to accomplish eases the panic in my mind.  It doesn't matter that I wouldn't be able to even hope to finish everything written, it doesn't even matter how many reams of paper is used to list down all the tasks at hand.  What matters is that all the tasks are written; concrete; defined.  

It's infinitely easier tackling an opponent you can see and define; rather than the monster your mind whispers you should kill.

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