Saturday, January 29, 2011

Addictions: Wine

I've been craving for wine for some time now, and it's such happy coincidence that I some bottles at my disposal.  But seeing as I am out of the house most times, I haven't had the time to enjoy my reds as they should be.  And the times when I am in, I am unable to find my corkscrew.

Some two Christmases ago, a former officemate gave me a multi-tool (okay, a faux Swiss Army knife) as a gift.  I seldom use it but deemed its usefulness to come in handy sometime, so I kept it.  The funny thing with my stuff, I keep it, knowing it will come in handy, but it gets lost the moment I need it.  And for about a week, I've been looking for that damned corkscrew, well cursory searches, that is, I've very little time spent in the house these days, and most of those times are spent sleeping. 

Today though, I am happily without weekend plans and my corkscrew search was a success!  So with corkscrew in hand, I slowly twisted my way onto the cork, my mouth already watering at the anticipation of that acidic earthiness the bottle promised.  But no matter how much I tugged, the cork stayed firmly in place, as if in silent mocking at my apparent lack of strength.

After a few more tries, I checked the bottle and found out the problem:

My fake Swiss knife couldn't handle the cork and the wine bottle.  Silly of me to think that it would open, really.

So, until I find a good enough corkscrew, that bottle of wine will continue to mock me night after night.



  1. oh crap! buti mataas eq mo. i would've stabbed my way through the cork. tapos idadaan ko nalang sa tela yung wine to remove the cork bits. haha class na class diba? ;p

  2. @ Citybouy: I found another cork opener at home, but it was broken. I tried it anyway and I ended up breaking it further, so I just used it as a lever to yank that offending cork out of the bottle. Minimal cork residues with my wine, so everything is okay. :-)

  3. so you could say there were a few *single eyebrow raise* shattered... shards? lol


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