Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Losing Touch

I want to write.  I really do.  But I get sidetracked more often than usual, and I can't seem to fight it off.

But since I can't seem to form cohesive sentences right now, let me inundate you with food.

Chocolate Fire

Cupcakes by Sonja



  1. Nakakagutom naman yan dude. Craving tuloy ako.

  2. Chocolate Fire? I think I saw that. Sa may Valero, right? I always thought it was some weird R&B bar. lol Ako na ang racist!

    And I hope you start writing again soon. I was just re-reading your Dear John post this morning. That was pure genius.

  3. @ Red the Mod: Masarap sila! Go, kain pa! :-)

  4. @ Citybouy: Yup, that's the one along Valero. Yummy, di ba? :-)

    I hope to be able to write something decent sometime soon. It's so sad realizing your last decent post was months and months ago...

  5. Perhaps you gotta be all systematic about it. Target the problem area and smash it to pieces. :) easier said than done but it's gotten me through a lot of literary dry spells in the past.

    Plus sometimes, when you look where you're not supposed to, you'll find some very interesting stuff to write about. ;p


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