Monday, September 13, 2010

Addictions: Playing and Watching

Last Tuesday, I played volleyball for the first time in more than two years, maybe almost three. I never had any formal training on the sport; I was a novice back then, I felt even more so that night. Worse, I felt heavy. I couldn't run as fast, couldn't jump as high, couldn't reach as far. Not that my prowess were marvelous then, but that night, I felt more inadequate than the first times I played the sport.

I was sweating profusely. I was grasping for breath. I was straining to keep up. I was drawing on every bit of energy I had. I liked it; I missed it. It has been far too long since I exerted myself physically, and the quickened beat of my heart was a welcome disruption to my lethargic state.  

I knew, even while playing, that I was in for a lot of hurt the next day; I embraced it. My friends advised me to take painkillers before going to sleep, as they were sure, as I was, that I will be in a lot of pain the next day. I also know that I must keep my muscles warm and to raise my legs higher that my heart in order to avoid cramps. I accepted those measures to be helpful but promptly threw them out of the window. I was too tired to buy medicine, too lazy to prepare my bed for the raises, too stifled not to use the AC.  

I woke up to pain like I have never experienced before, and got reacquainted with muscles I've forgotten I had. My whole body, from my neck to the soles of my feet, was sore. Every muscle was resonating different intensities of hurt; sinews singing discomfort with every move. It was like an orchestra of ailments afflicting my body with every move. I loved it; I never felt so alive and aware of my body.  

I tried to assume normalcy even through the pain but my body wont hear of it. I couldn't move without experiencing pins and needles running through by body; my usual stride therefore, was out of the question. I was moving at a third of my usual speeds, and I was furious about it. Coming from someone who sprints from one area of the office to another because it's boring to just walk, being hindered like such was a nightmare. The slow speed, the inability to quicken one's pace - both of which I detest in other people - I am now suffering.  

The physical pain, however, did not deter me from going to Shangri-la to watch the Cine Europa offerings. Thanks to Friday being declared as holiday, I was able to spend the whole day watching movies. Never mind that I was painfully aware of each of the sixty nine steps from my room to the ground floor, and almost the same number of steps leading to the Magallanes terminal; I had to reach Shang in time for the movies.

And it was like a trip to Europe as I queued first for Bulgaria, then the Czech Republic, then Denmark. And never mind that in my weakened condition, I was travelling alone. I only got to meet up with fellow travelers as we closed the day with a trip to Finland.  

There are 22 films to be enjoyed this season of Cine Europa, and I plan to make the most of it.  

But Tuesday is again at hand and I may want to subject myself to more physical torment.  

We'll see.



    what'll hurt most is the butt from all the crouching while waiting to receive or dig :P

  2. I miss volleyball. I used to play throughout high school and college. Kaso wala na akong makalaro ngayon eh.

    Don't heed you're friends' warning though. Whenever I work out, or play badminton, I steer clear of painkillers. I want to feel that every fiber of my being is exhausted and aching from the strain. I try to maintain the same walking pace, letting my mind dictate to my body that the pain is nonexistent. The trick to keep yourself hydrated so you're muscles can recuperate. And if you have plans of making it a regular thing, striving through the pain will make the transition easier.

    Own the pain. Claim it as your own. I even like how, the day after a hardcore play session, I can isolate the muscle groups that ache. And focus on observing how they react.

    Buti na lang Cine Europa is free! Hehe. Looking forward to watching as much of the entries as I can. Siguro it'll be a nightly routine this week, until I get to watch all of it. Or at least, the ones I want to watch. :)

  3. ngayon ko lang nalaman. athletic ka pala, shatter! except for my testicles, the last time i got hold of any ball was back in college during our p.e. class. hohoy!

    i've been meaning to watch the movies listed in cine europa but i can't seem to find the time. *sigh*

  4. Pain is good. It reminds us. Tao pa rin pala tayo. Haha.

  5. @ Eternal Wanderer: My thighs hurt more than my butt from all the jumping and running I did. I was never a good receiver. haha!

  6. @ Red the Mod: No, I didn't use painkillers. I suffered every bit of cramp my muscles could throw at me.

    The pain only subsided in time to play the next week.

  7. Lio Loco: I'm not that athletic, but it's good to have some physical activity. Nakukuba na ako sa katititig sa computer on a daily basis. haha!

  8. @ Victor: True, pain is good. But sometimes, I wish it didn't have to hurt so much. haha!

  9. cine europa is back! woot! woot!

  10. @ Theo: Yup, Cine Europa will be back by September sa Shang. Can't wait! ;-)

  11. my bad!i thought this post was done this april/may..last september 2010 pa pala ito! moron me. lol! na-excite lang ako sa cine europa, 2008 pa last time i've seen this =). nice blog btw bro! keep it up.


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