Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beaching Around Zambales

Over breakfast the other day, I was informed that we are going on a trip to Pundaquit for the weekend.  It was not a suggestion, and like it or not, I am coming with them for this outing. 

This will be the first time in at least five years that I will be going on a trip along with the whole family.  For the longest time, I have been able to beg off of any family activity due to carefully tweaked scheduling overlaps or due to unavoidable need for overtime work.  I have no such excuses this time.

I must admit that I am very wary of the possible outcome of this trip, as I cannot recall any recent activity involving the whole cast that didn't end up in heated arguments.  But, as one friend on mine said:  There is no limiting family contact; it's but an illusion.  So maybe, I'll just have to tough this one out and try to enjoy it while it lasts.  After all, I can always bury myself in a book if shit hits the fan.


  1. ..."I must admit that I am very wary of the possible outcome of this trip, as I cannot recall any recent activity involving the whole cast that didn't end up in heated arguments"

    ...these lines remind me of my parents and siblings. we are much the same here or at least i can relate to it somehow. everytime we're together on a trip here or abroad, friction gets in the way but after few moments, we're loving each other again! LOL.

    glad you spent time to enjoy your family with such place with breathtaking view.

    cheers to more family bonding, josh!

    btw, i really appreciate that you joined in the little fun in my blog. maraming salamat! =)

  2. another fact about family, we are REALLY all dysfunctional in our own way. hahahaha, but it's that odd, common peculiarity that binds us all together. "ohana" sabi nga ni lilo kay stich! alien na yun ha!

    enjoy the craziness!!!

    ... and be glad your last name is not AMPATUAN. LOL!

  3. oy astig family trip. i can imagine this place which was just visited by mountaineers alone.

    i think it's worth the risk of bringing them together even with the thought of possible conflicts.

  4. I love, love your photo. Nice. It makes me wanna go there. :)

  5. ZAMBALES! Nakakamiss. Two months ago nasa Punta de Uian ako. Sobrang ganda parang paraiso. At ang sarap tumambay sa beach.

    Ang ganda ng mga bundok sa background. Parang gusto ko bigla mag hiking bukas na bukas. Sama ka Shats? :D

  6. you can always tune them out and pretend they're not really there. always works for me. ahihi

    i like the picture too. is that where u guys are going/went? looks lovely.

  7. nice pic josh!

    off topic: thanks for the heads up... RAWlicious is in Legazpi weekend market... the Rockwell Bazaar was only a three-day event last March...

  8. Haha, arguments like what?
    But surely your whole family have enjoyed your trip, bonding pa din yan. Ü

  9. @ Doc Gelo: As is usual with me, I come expecting war, but hoping for cold receptions, at the very least. Haha!

    The trip turned out to be okay, but it had some hitches along the way. Thankfully, it didn't center around me, so I was able to avoid it. haha!

    Congrats ulit Doc sa anniversary ng blog mo. Did I win? haha!

  10. @ Jamie da Vinci: True, our family is dysfunctional, and there is a sick comfort in knowing that ours is not the only one. haha!

    The Ampatuans... Based on current news, it seems good to be one of the clan again, them having been acquitted of charges.

  11. @ The Dong: It's a combination family trip and family business trip. But I grew up with the two being one and the same.

    The trip was okay naman. See my new entry. hehe

  12. @ Andy: The photo was from my last trip to Zambales, March 2009. The boat ride provided us with very picturesque shots of Pundaquit.

  13. @ Vajarl: Sosyal! Ang mahal kaya ng lodging sa Punta de Uian! That's one of the places my sister visited to canvass for our trip, nalula siya sa presyo.

    Maraming umaakyat ng Potipot papuntang Anawangin. Pero kung magha-hike tayo sa araw, e good luck naman, sobrang init! Walang mga puno sa trail!

  14. @ Citybouy: I was a zombie drifting in and out of consciousness during the trip to Zambales. Tuning out of conversations was easy. haha!

    That is Pundaquit, and yes, that is where we stayed... or somewhere near there.

  15. @ Ann: Thanks, nice view, right? hehe

    Hmmm... Makapunta nga sa Legazpi Market one of these days to try out that RAWlicious drinks. Thanks!

  16. @ Chyng: Arguments? Too many to mention! From personal matters to work-related stuff, madalas napag-uusapan.

    Yeah, the trip was good. I've just posted a blog about it.


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