Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Talking

"We need to talk."

These has got to be one of the worst combination of words the english language has ever spawned. Nothing good comes out after these words have been uttered; nothing is ever resolved; nothing is ever repaired. As a matter of fact, "talking" is nothing but a series of monologues performed by two or more people in tandem. You don't need the other party or parties to hear you, or even understand you; you just need an audience.

Sometimes, the 'audience' is not even necessary; they distract the speaker's train of thought with their uncalled for comments and interjections, the nerve. Talking does not even convey what the speaker truly wants to express. Oddly enough, the words usually get in the way of expressing what is meant. Sadly, not everyone realizes this, so they just keep on talking to try to express what they really need to say, but all is in vain. Whatever truth they originally want to express is muddied up by their own words, and the words uttered by the other party (the victim, i suppose), until everything has woefully and inevitably worsened by this need to talk.

It's this need of people to feel connected that is the problem, I suppose. People feel the need to belong, but hardly anyone possesses the necessary tools to do just that. Sadly, they turn to words, but words are not enough; they never have been.

Originally posted on friendsterblogs September 2006.

I'm currently having difficulty gathering my thoughts lately, owing to stresses at work and other incidental events not for public scutiny. Hopefully, I will have full mastery of my vocabulary within a week or so. I'm off to Shang for the Cine Europa. I wish it would free me from this mental constipation I'm currently suffering.


  1. One of the many mysteries of relationships, we talk because when we do we feel like we belong with some groups of people but talking may also be the reason why we feel like we don't belong to any at all.

    But talking for me is never overrated. Of course they need to be followed by actions, but sometimes words can be enough. Minsan naman hindi mo na mapapansin if there ever was something done after saying something. :)

  2. Talking is fine with me so long as I enjoy the company of the person I'm talking to (extra points if that person is cute). :D

  3. the truth is--words are insufficient... they fail us.

    i am having the same problem, shatts. Cheers? hehe!

  4. i believe you deserve to rest. relax naman diyan.

  5. Marami na akong kaibigang mahilig magkwento. Marami na ring nawala at dumating. Yung iba nangangailangan ng advice. Yung iba listener lang ang kailangan. When I'm summoned, I first listen. If ok na sila d'un, then we call it a day. If I gauge na they need love from a friend in the form of an advice, I give it to them unsolicited.

  6. Iyon ang dahilan kung bakit hindi ako masyadong nagsasalita. :(

  7. aye aye!

    words are never truly commensurate to what we really feel.

    this reminds me of that beegees song: "it's only words and words are all i have..."

  8. As they saying goes:

    "Ang daming sinabi, wala namang sinabi."

    Words are just words. Pretty to listen to and nice to read, but won't mean anything if not backed by action

  9. talk and listen is a better combination :)

    hey, you just rest and have a break. don't let stress overcome you. :)

  10. halloo, shattershards! ako madaling mapaos kapag may kausap kasi hindi ako sanay magsalita. :P

    i'm an expert in uncomfortable silences. :P :D

  11. just take a break kuya. baka naman sobra mong pinapagod sarili mo.

    ingat lagi :)

  12. oh, ganun yata ako... hahahaha

  13. as for me, those words are the lifeline of all my relationships. though i have reached a point in my life when i just want to shut up. lol



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